At our workshop

Dedicated to ensuring our customers receive only the best quality products, we have invested in state-of-the-art CNC machinery to transform the stone slabs into beautiful work pieces for your home. From check measure, the digital files are directly imported into our machines which automatically cut and polish with high precision and accuracy.

We take safety seriously!

We acknowledge the health concerns around silica dust and the risk of silicosis and are working to mitigate these risks. These risks are only present in the manufacture of stone products. We assure you that once fitted in your home, these beautiful products pose no health risks. For our workforce, we have implemented wet cutting across all our machinery to minimise silica dust particles.

We have taken action to ensure our workshop is well ventilated. We have trained our staff in-house and have outsourced training from Caesarstone to ensure that our staff are well educated on the risks of silicosis and the strategies to mitigate these risks. We ensure that our staff strictly adhere to safety guidelines and are well equipped with the appropriate PPE.